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  • September 17, 2021
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House of Hardcore 37 Results
January 26, 2018
2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA


Every match on this card, with the exception of the Dreamer/Gunn tag team bout, was a first round tournament match on the road to crowning the first ever HOH Twitch TV Championship. Dreamer teased a mystery guest to corner his team to make up for Shane Douglas on the Mercury/Aldis side, plus Brian Cage in the main event against a mystery opponent.

(1) Swoggle def. Mikey of the Spirit Squad

(2) Kenny of the Spirit Squad def. Lisa Marie Varon

(3) Bull James def. Eddie Kingston

(4) Alex Reynolds def. Super Crazy

(5) Crazzy Steve def. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

(6) Kevin Kross def. Little Guido

(7) Tommy Dreamer & Billy Gunn def. Joey Mercury & Nick Aldis. Shane Douglas and some corporate suit were out for the heels representing some pro wrestling regulatory committee and demanding this match be contested under standard wrestling rules instead of hardcore rules. Blue Meanie came out but was a red herring and Bully Ray ended up being the surprise appearance. The Sandman ended up coming out at the end as he finds a way to get on every card.

(8) Austin Aries def. Matt Riddle. Excellent match. They beat the hell out of each other and were even blow for blow until the time limit expired as Riddle was caught in the Last Chancery. The crowd asked for “five more minutes” and both stars agreed, so the ref restarted the match. They cranked up the pace even more and Aries hit DVD on the apron, but Riddle came back and locked in a submission as the time limit expired a second time. All evened up both sides agreed to extend the match until sudden death but Aries hit a low blow before the bell run again, followed by a quick Brainbuster to win. Awesome stuff.

(9) Willie Mack def. Matt Cross and Luchasaurus

(10) Brian Cage def. Sami Callihan. Also an excellent match. Totally up to the individual if they think this match stole the show over Aries/Riddle but both made the show worth watching. Cage and Callihan have crazy good chemistry as they’ve worked all over the world together at this point.

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