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  • September 18, 2021
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On the latest edition of his his “Ross Report” podcast, host and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross had some interesting comments to make regarding WWE’s future.

Of note, Ross said be believes Drew Mcintyre “checks all the boxes” as someone who could be a major player in WWE and a future Universal Champion.

On the WrestleMania 35 main event, Ross said he thinks the bout should see a babyface Braun Strowman challenging a heel Roman Reigns for the Universal Title.

The entire “Ross Report” episode can be heard at this link.

Former WWE Star Rips NFL National Anthem Rule

In light of The NFL announcing earlier this week beginning next season teams will be penalised for kneeling during the National Anthem, former WWE star MVP Tweeted the following:

So let me get this straight. YOU fly & venerate the Confederate battle flag. The flag of TRAITORS to the United States of America. The flag of those who sought to DESTROY the Union. The globally adopted flag of racists.
But those who kneel during the national anthem offend you?🤔

— MVP (@The305MVP) May 24, 2018

And to you I say sir, If the flag and national anthem stand for freedom, what about the freedom of those who choose not to stand? For honorable reasons I might add.@HighShaman @JamilSmith @NFL @RollingStone

— MVP (@The305MVP) May 25, 2018

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