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LNV rewards best players and coaches

  • June 5, 2020
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Tuesday, the 7th of April, L’Équipe head office was hosting the little ceremony  for  honoring the best players and coaches this season. A bit premature, might we say, as the best part of the season is yet to come. A huge success for the prodigy team of Le Cannet, as they accomplished to ‘score’ no less than 4 titles this season. Needless to add, the suite of titles comes after a great season so far and after ‘stealing’ the French Cup less than three weeks ago.

Let’s see The Dream team 2014-2015!


Best setter

LAM: 1st  Depestele (Beauvais), 2nd  Pujol (AS Cannes)

LAF: 1st  Apitz (RC Cannes), 2nd  Brcic (Le Cannet)

LBM: 1st  Halilovic (Poitiers), 2nd  Strugar (Orange)


Best Opposite

LAM: 1st  Gjorgiev (Paris), 2nd  Nikolov (Lyon)

LAF: 1st  Schleck (Béziers), 2nd  Faucette (RC Cannes)

LBM: 1st  Tupchii (Orange, 2nd  Feughouo (Maxéville Nancy)


Best Libero

LAM: 1st  Exiga (Tours), 2nd  Rossard (Sète)

LAF: 1st  Davis (Le Cannet), 2nd  Ortschitt (RC Cannes)

LBM: 1st  Ribbens (Maxéville Nancy), 2nd  Papadimitriou (Cambrai)


Best Outside Hitter

LAM: 1st  Clévenot (Toulouse), 2nd  Ragondet (AS Cannes), 3rd  Bahov (Paris)

LAF: 1st  Fedele (Le Cannet), 2nd  Turner (Nantes), 3rd  Lichtman (Le Cannet)

LBM: 1st  Demirovic (Poitiers), 2nd  Duhagon (Poitiers), 3rd  Klyamar (Orange)


Best Middle Blocker

LAM: 1st  Smith (Tours), 2nd  Kreek (Paris), 3rd  Radic (AS Cannes)

LAF: 1st  Kloster (Le Cannet), 2nd  Onyejekwe (RC Cannes), 3rd  Bland (Nantes)

LBM: 1st  Cubrilo (Harnes), 2nd  Lemaire (Poitiers), 3rd  Nenchev (Nice)


Best coach

LAM: 1st  Rougeyron (Paris), 2nd  Kolakovic (AS Cannes)

LAF: 1st  Marchesi (Le Cannet), 2nd  Morand (SF Paris St-Cloud)

LBM: 1st  Donat (Poitiers), 2nd  Peris (Alès)


…and a few statements:

Myriam Kloster: « Having four titles is definitely a confirmation of all the hard work we have been doing since the beginning of the season. »

Riccardo Marchesi: « Of course I did not vote for me because I am really hard on myself. I am nevertheless extremely happy to have received it and I would like to thank the club and the players for it. We are growing up together. A coach has no power on his own. This title comes as a reward of all the hard work we’ve done together for the past three years. What’s next? Well, firstly the game this weekend. We’re taking it step by step…»

Elisabeth Fedele: « I am extremely happy. To my surprise that I believe this season there are truly valuable players. The prize rewards a beautiful season, but it is far from being over. We have more things to accomplish so that our success is thouroughly. »

Nicole Davis: « I never had the feeling I played my best volley, therefore, I am more than grateful to be here. This trophy confirms once again the great teamwork we have done so far.  But I believe there is a bigger story we have to write down. »



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