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RAW Report 8/17/09 St. Louis, Missouri

  • January 24, 2021
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RAW this week starts with Lilian announcing Freddie Prinze Jr. He comes out looking extremely clean cut an excited. He actually knows how to get into the ring gracefully. He does have some gray on the side of his head though. He says he’s there for one reason. He’s a lifelong WWE fan. From the hundreds and hundreds of actions figures still in his closet to the home videos hosted by Mean Gene. To the ice cream bars coated with cookie crunch that would make you vomit, but you ate them anyway because the WWE was your life! Very little pop for him. He says tonight he gets to stand in the ring and be in charge. Tonight’s not about him, but about the fans, what they want. That got him pop. SummerSlam is around the corner, so they’re starting it tonight. The Diva’s Championship and US Championships will be defended. And tonight marks the return of DX! But he’s not finished… He’s cut off my strange music and the lights go down. A man in a rain slicker and hat with a hook – like I Know What You Did Last Summer – comes out to the ring. Black covering over his face. He takes the mic and says in a very gravely voice I know what you did last summer and I know what you’re going to do this summer. Off comes the hat and mask and Santino says he’s going to put him in one of his movies! He calls him Freddie The Prince June. The movie will be I Know What You Did 12 Summers Ago. He can be scary. Or he’s versitile. He can in a romantic comedy. He takes off the coat to show a gray hoodie. He puts on glasses and a bad wig. He says he’s a nerd, but Freddie made a bet and now – Santino removes the glasses, wig and hoodie – he’s a sexy, hot guy. Prinze is laughing. The trailer says Freddie Prinze Jr. and Santino Marrella in He’s All That! Santino asks Freddie what he thinks. Freddie says he’s good but needs a little help. Santino says he’s right, need something more current. Freddie’s going to be in 24. Santino leaves the ring and points his finger, like a gun, at Lilian and demands to know where she put the bomb. Lilian acts scared but giggles through it. Prinze is having a ball with it. Santino goes on at Lilian and then back in the ring to pop. He asks Freddie what he thinks. Santino tells Freddie to call his Kiefer and his wife the werewolf killer and tell them Santino is a real actor. Freddie says he’ll call everyone he knows, but Santino has to rehearse he has to go back stage and rehearse for the next two hours. Santino agrees. Freddie tells him to get all his stuff together and get out of there. Santino is thrilled, gets it all together ad gets out of there. Prinze says at least there wasn’t a Scooby Doo joke! Freddie says they got a little side tracked. If no promise he makes comes true, this will. He’s not going to make us wait… then Orton comes out and interrupts him. Orton walks very slowly to the ring. King reminds the home audience that Orton’s from St. Louis. Orton says tonight he’s teaming with the man he’s facing at SS, Cena. He doesn’t like it, he won’t do it. As a matter of fact as SS is only 6 days away he doesn’t feel like competing at all tonight. Freddie says he sees not wanting to team with Cena, but this is St. Louis. This is his hometown and he doesn’t want to work. He’s going to disappoint all these people? Orton says Freddie’s confusing him with someone who cares. He’s not there to please these people. He has nothing in common with any of them. This is about him. It’s all about him. He’s the WWE Champion. He says he’s not going to ask Freddie again. “You suck” chants for Orton. He tells Freddie to take him out of the match. Freddie says he respects him, but does he look like Seth Green to him. Does he look like Jeremy Piven? He’s not going to be bullied. Sgt. Slaughter made the match last week and Orton will compete and will tag with Cena and will face Jericho and Big Show. Sorry. Freddie walks away. Orton grabs Freddie around the neck and drags him to the center of the ring. Orton hits a sick back breaker on Freddie! Orton slowly picks up his belt. A slight “RKO” chant erupts but ends quickly. Two refs to Freddie’s side. Then more people to Freddie. He motions to his neck and appears to be in pain. They roll him over Orton leaves the ring and watches from the ramp briefly before leaving. They work on Freddie in the ring.

– Commercial

Video of what Orton just did to Freddie Prinze JR. During the break they helped Freddie from the ring.

King and Cole say how sorry they are about what happened to Freddie. They say he went to a medical facility and will follow up later in the show.

Kofi to the ring to defend the US Championship. Video form Superstars last week and the Mixed Tag Match. Kofi and Mickie lost to Carlito and Rosa. Carlito out to the ring with Rosa.

Kofi back Carlito into a corner. Carlito back out with a shoulder block for one. Side headlock on Carlito. Carlito down for two. Carlito pushes Kofi then runs the ropes. A forearm to Kofi’s back and then sends him flying from the ring.

– Commercial

Headlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi to his feet and fights back, but doesn’t get far as he eats a big boot. Carlito pins for two. Carlito stomps the heck out of Kofi. Back elbow to Kofi for two. Headlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi works his way to his feet again, but knees to the face. Kofi reverses a move and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Both are down. When both to their feet Kofi fights back with chops then a dropkick. A sick DDT type move to Carlito for two. Kofi hits his standing double leg drop for two. Kofi rushes Carlito in a corner. Carlito moves and Kofi lands on the corner. Flying crossbody to Carlito for two. Huge upper cut to Carlito for two. Carlito rushes Kofi in a corner. Kofi gets a foot up. Kofi climbs and hits a flying crossbody for two. Carlito ducks a kick and hits a neckbreaker on Kofi for a long two. The fans are hot. Kofi reverses a back stabber and hits an enziguri for three.

– Winner: Kofi Kingston

Rosa to Carlito’s side in the ring while Kofi celebrates.

Out back cameras are waiting for DX to arrive.

– Commercial

King and Cole are still pushing DX’s return. They show a video of DX’s greatest hits. Many of them from before WWE went PG, including the ‘Vince Loves Cock’ storyline. Mike Tyson joined DX. They spray painted Vince’s limo, jet and Stamford building. There were segments with Chyna! The manure bath to Shane, Vince and Spirit Squad.

Miz to the ring. Video of Calgary Kid facing Eugene last week. Kid won and it was Miz. Miz has a mic and says two weeks ago he was banned from RAW. So now he’s back before us a new man, new attitude, new look, same mouth. He’s embarking on the biggest turn around in WWE history. He’s going to become the US Champion. He’s the Miz and he’s awesome!

– Commercial

Miz in the ring. Evan Bourne comes out to face him. Bourne seems to have a lot of extra padding on his right knee, under his tights, making him look out of proportion.

Miz beats on Evan and backs him into a corner. Miz scoops Evan but Evan wiggles out. Evan hits a running body block to Miz. Miz in a corner. Evan runs up to Miz, stands on the second ropes, then jumps up to hit a dropkick to Miz’s chest sending him to the mat. Evan covers for two. Miz takes Evan down with a sick clothesline for two. Kicks to Evan’s back while holding his hair. Miz pins for two. Double chicken win on Evan on the mat. Miz rolls the hold back. Miz pulls Evan’s arms back with a knee to the center of his back. Evan fights up and out of the hold, but eats a turnbuckle for it. Heat on Miz for posing. Clothesline to Evan in a corner. Miz climbs and flies but a spin kick catches Miz. Miz rolls out of the ring and Evan flies out onto him. Miz rolled back in. Miz puts a head out through the ropes but Evan lands on his back on the apron and kicks Miz in the head! Head scissors and then dropkick to Miz. Standing moonsault to Miz for two. Miz grabs Evan in a small package for two out of nowhere. Knee to Miz’s chest and Evan climbs. Miz sits Evan down hard. Evan up on Miz’s shoulders and then slams him face first to the mat. Miz covers for three.

– Winner: Miz

Video of Evan flying all over the ring. Then Miz fought back and got the win with his new finisher the skull crushing finale. Miz up the ramp.

Cameras out back watching for DX to arrive.

– Commercial

King and Cole again talk about DX showing up soon and how this all came about. Video of HHH beaten down by Legacy and then deciding he needs to make one phone call. Then last week HHH had to get HBK out of his cafeteria job.

Out back a long white limo rolls and with DX painted all over it. Out climbs HHH. He walks off and starts talking then realizes HBK isn’t there. HHH tells HBK to come on. HBK says he’s not ready. HHH forces HBK out of the car and they head off. HHH talks about how thrilling this is for them. Screaming and it’s Jillian who sings the DX theme for them. Fox is there too. HHH quietly puts a plastic trash can over her and they keep walking. HHH talks about how there’s always some idiot ready to jump out at them ready to do something stupid. Then Santino is there behind them. He’s still in cop mode, practicing. He points his finger gun at them and tells them to freeze. HBK simply superkicks Santino. HHH says he doesn’t think Santino meant to harm them. HBK says he knows. HHH comments that HBK’s hat (straw cowboy hat) didn’t come off. HBK says the hat and the hair are connected. HHH says they’re one piece? HBK says yes. Camera fades out.

DX’s music and the fans going WILD! They comes out to the ring together with glow sticks in hand. HHH throws his glow sticks into the audience. Crotch chops to the in ring pyro (that they remembered they have this time!). The fans are HOT! HBK runs around HHH in the ring as HHH points to him with both hands. HBK hands the mic over to HHH. HHH holds the mic high in the air. He says wow and the fans go wild again. Huge “DX” chants. An arm around HBK and he asks HBK if it’s good to be back? “God help me, I love this stuff!” HHH says with that being said, there’s one thing they need to know. “Are you ready?” “No, I said, are you ready?” Then Legacy is there ambushing them. They take HHH form the ring and slams him into the steps. Back in the ring both Cody and Ted bat the hell out of HBK. Then HHH is back but it doesn’t last long and they take him apart! Kick to HBK’s head from Cody. Cody takes HBK’s boot off. Ted holds HHH’s arms back. Cody slams the boot into HHH’s head. Cody slams the boot down on HBK’s head. Then back to HHH with it. Ted grabs the mic to HUGE heat. He says there’s the answer to their question. Yes, they are ready. They fans are not happy! Ted stomps HBK’s head as he tries to get up. Cody stomps HHH’s head. They fans are really ugly! Legacy leaves the ring with HHH prone in the center and HBK prone over in a corner. Legacy backs up the ramp while DX slowly starts to stir.

– Commercial

Video about WM25. They’re having an NBC showing of WM25 on August 29th.

Video of the attack on DX.

Lilian announces the Diva’s Championship Match. Mickie comes bouncing out in gray. Gail Kim comes out in sparkly lilac to face her.

They lock up. Arm bar on Kim. She reverses it onto Mickie. Mickie tried to reverse it back in a horrible one armed cartwheel. She then sent Kim flying. Mickie and Kim both tried to hit dropkicks at the same time. Kim ducked a kick but then was sent into a corner. Kim ducked to the apron and shoulders to Mickie’s gut. Knee to Kim’s gut. Kim reversed a suplex and they both rolled around on the mat in small package but neither able to pin the other. Double clothesline and both are down. Exchange blows. Crossbody to Mickie for one. Mickie hits head scissors on Kim. Kim hits head scissors on Mickie. Kim shoulder blocks to Mickie’s gut then climbs. Beautiful flying dropkick for two. Kim reverses Mickie’s DDT. Mickie reverses Kim’s finisher. Kim rolls Mickie up for one. Kim on the corner and flies in crossbody but Mickie moves out of the way. Kim counters Mickie’s DDT. Mickie misses a spin kick and then hits a forearm (nothing great) to Kim’s face for three.

– Winner: Mickie

Mickie down in front of Kim and helps her up. Mickie raises Kim’s arm in respect.

Video of Orton bullying Freddie Prinze Jr., but Freddie doesn’t back down saying that Orton will compete, sorry. Orton physically attacks Freddie with a sick neckbreaker.

King and Cole say Freddie Prinze Jr. has returned to the arena, possible neck injury not withstanding.

Josh is out back with Cena. Josh says Cena faces Orton at SS and how does he feel about tagging with him. Cena says Orton is our WWE Champion. He uses all his resources and is considered the most successful in WWE. Despite his success he has problems. After listening to Orton tonight, everyone is the source of Orton’s problems. He has a problem tagging with Cena. He has a big problem performing in front of all of the fans tonight. He also has a problem being a grown man. The whining and complaining. All of us have problems! Cena has a problem with that zit on his face! He has a problem being cut off in traffic and hates it when his dog poops on the floor. The difference between everyone and Orton is that we deal with it. We don’t whine and complain. He tells Josh to watch this – Cena puts on a wimpy voice and says he doesn’t wanna wrestle Big Show tonight because he’s scared Big Show is going to eat him! There’s no way he can tag with Orton as he wears too much baby oil. Cena grabs the front of Josh’s suit jacket and whines that he can’t fight Jericho because he never learned to read! That is a prime example of what Orton would do. He’s Cena and deal with problems. He will deal with it the only way he knows how – he’ll go fight Jericho and Big Show. He tells Orton to deal with it. On Sunday he has another problem. He doesn’t have gold. But that will be fixed and then the champ is here! Jericho walks up and says the champs are here. He says Cena left some glaring omissions as Cena has worse problems than the zit on his face. He has a big problem with Jericho for dropping him on his head last week. If he has a problem with Cena he has a bit problem with Big Show. Big Show say Cena might not make it to SS and calls him ‘little man’.

– Commercial (Vince and Eve do a Monk commercial that’s hysterical!)

WWE Slam Of The Week – Masters faced MVP. MVP got the win but then Swagger came out and distracted MVP. Masterlock and Swagger his hit powerbomb on MVP.

In the ring Swagger is taking it to MVP in this already started match. MVP takes Swagger down with punches and then on the mat. Swagger leaved the ring. MVP follows and bounces Swagger’s face off the announce table. Back in the ring MVP knocked down in a corner and Swagger attacks. The ref pulls Swagger off a couple times but Swagger kept going back. The ref called for the bell.

– Winner: MVP via DQ

MVP flew out of the corner and attacked Swagger. Swagger finally got away and fled the ring. Swagger backed up the ramp watching MVP while MVP tried to get Swagger back in the ring.

Out back someone walked along with Freddie Prinze Jr. as he limped through the hall. He said he’s going back out there, one way or another.

– Commercial

Video about mainstream media talking about the guest hosts on RAW. Piven and Cena were in People this week.

Chavo in the ring for a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Hornswoggle comes out to the ring to face him. Chavo on his knees but Horny doesn’t look happy about this match.

The bell rings and Horny flees the ring. He climbs under the ring. Chavo follows. Chavo comes out the other side looking freaked out. There’s a toilet seat next to Chavo as he comes out. Horny comes out the original side and laughs at Chavo over the ring. Horny then takes off running up the ramp. Chavo after him, but Horny has a head start. Chavo is hunting for Horny. He asks Primo who points in one direction and say he’ll lose him. Chavo looks in a box. Two guys in ties point Chavo in a direction. Chavo tries a door that doesn’t open. Another door is ajar and there’s noises. Chavo opens the door and a paint can swings down and hits him in the head. Horny pins for three.

– Winner: Hornswoggle

Chavo to his feet and face to face with the laughing Kool Aid Man (Mark Henry – Thanks Luke, love the nickname!). Chavo accuses. Henry of doing the paint can thing. Henry claims it wasn’t him. Henry walks away. Chavo turns back to see a very grown up Macaulay Culkin. He says it’s not funny and walks away. Chavo point to Macaulay and then back the way Hornswoggle went.

King and Cole in the ring. King says Chavo is seeing stars. All the stars are showing up on RAW. Cole says SS is sold out in the Staples Center. They then go through the matches slated for SS.

Jericho and Big Show are out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Video of Floyd Mayweather who will be hosting next week from Vegas.

The poll question was could Orton and Cena defeat Jericho and Big Show? 76% of the people responding said yes, they could defeat the Ta Team Champions.

Jericho and Big Show to the ring. Orton out to the ring. Cena comes out to round out the match. Orton outside on the apron just glares at Cena as he throws his hat to the fans. Freddie Prinze Jr. comes out on stage with a mic in hand. He says that he thought he’d take a page out of Orton’s book. This match just became a Lumberjack Match. Orton glares at Freddie. Freddie says he hand picked the lumberjacks and they don’t like Orton very much. Good luck! Freddie motions for the lumberjacks to come out. Henry, MVP, Noble, Primo, Evan Bourne – all come to the ring.

– Commercial

Cena stuck in a bear hug in the center of the ring. During the break Jericho threw Cena from the ring. Henry, Kofi, MVP and Evan all joked with Cena and did the ‘you can’t see me’ hand motion with Cena before he returned to the ring. When Jericho was knocked from the ring during the commercial, Kofi, Evan, MVP, Henry and Noble all attacked him before returning him to the ring. Big Show still has the reverse bear hug in Cena. Back elbows to Big Show and out. Cena tries for a shoulder block but is easily pushed off. Orton looks like he’s reaching for the tag. During the break Orton refused to tag. Cena went for the tag this time and Orton pulled back. Big Show grabbed Cena and slapped his chest in a corner. Cena whipped but moves before Big Show can splash him. In the process of leaving the ring Cena hits a low dropkick on Big Show’s knee. Big Show eats a lower turnbuckle for it. Cena to his feet and slap Orton on the back to tag him in. Orton turns around pissed. Cena flings Orton over the top rope and into the ring. Big Show spears Orton. Orton rolls from the ring. MVP gets right down in Orton’s face and screams at him. Henry picks up Orton, raises him high above his head and dumps Orton back in the ring over the second rope! Bs gets Orton in a corner and holds him ther ein a front facelock. Big Show lets go at five, but then a big punch to Orton’s gut. Another punch to Orton’s gut as he comes from the corner. Big Show’s leg drop rides Orton to the mat for two. Big Show drags Orton to the heel corner and tags in Jericho. Punches to Orton on the mat and then pounds Orton’s head to the mat. Jericho pulls Orton up to his feet and taunts him. Jericho locks on a headlock. Orton down to one knee. Orton to his feet. Orton suplexes out of the hold and both are down. Cena screams and freaks for the tag. Jericho pulls Orton back to his corner and tags in Big Show. Jericho holds Orton’s leg while Big Show drops a leg to Orton’s chest/neck for two. Nerve hold on Orton’s shoulder. Orton to his feet. Huge suplex to Orton. Jericho tags in and stomps Orton’s head. Orton somehow comes back with a scoop slam and both are down. Orton tries for the tag but Jericho stops him. Head/arm lock on Orton. Orton free but runs into a back elbow. Jericho goes for a lionsault, but Orton has moved. Both are down. Orton’s crawling for Cena who’s reaching for the tag. The hot tag and Super Cena in. Shoulder blocks to Jericho. Slam to Jericho and then the five knuckle shuffle is stopped but Big Show who locks a hand around Cena’s throat from the apron. Cena hangs Big Show up on the top rope and he flops to the floor. Jericho up and Cena hits the AA for three.

– Winners: Orton & Cena

Cena’s arm is raised. Then Cena turns around right into an RKO. Henry rushes the ring to get to Orton who flees. Orton backs up the ramp. In the ring Jericho stalks Cena and then attacks him. Big Show into the ring. Evan rushes in to help and Big Show tosses him from the ring. Noble is next in and Big Show disposes of him. MVP is then tossed out of the ring. Primo is in but tossed out by Jericho. Big Show takes out Kofi over the top. Cena fights back and tosses Jericho from the ring. A shoulder block to Big Show who goes out through the ropes. Cena celebrates as the only one in the ring. Orton on the stage holds his strap high as he glares at Cena.

Biggest pop
Freddie Prinze Jr.

Biggest heat
Jericho/Big Show

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