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WWE Thoughts & Stuff From a Nine-Year Old Kid + 20 Years Prize Giveaway

  • November 30, 2020
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My little dude is back after more than a month break with his latest random thoughts on WWE. If you are planning on sending him any email or feedback, please remember that he’s nine years old.

By Sujal

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Hey guys! It’s me and it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a column!

So many awesome matches have been set for Survivor Series and the return of Kane!

I wonder why he attacked Roman Reigns? Is it because Roman retired his brother the Undertaker and he is mad and wants to get revenge? The reason I say this is even though it’s been a long time since Roman beat Taker, he still brags about it on Raw!

When I saw the Kane vs. Finn Balor match on Raw, I thought to myself who will win? Because they are both near the top of WWE, even Kane since his return! I don’t think they should have had that match! Now that he beat Finn, Finn is not really that much at the top anymore.

I heard that Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young have been released! I mean Darren and Summer Rae is more believable but Emma? Lately she has been in the top like against Asuka and now they are just releasing her!

Anyway, the 5-on-5 match with Smackdown vs. Raw will be sick! Could Samoa Joe be back by then? And join Raw…

Another cool match is the Shield vs. The Usos! I’m not sure who will win that match, maybe Shield. I will try to post my Survivor Series predictions soon!

Jinder Mahal will be facing Brock Lesnar but I don’t think Jinder will walk out of there alive…if he wins, I will be shocked! Brock just beat Braun Strowman!

Asuka has an undefeated streak but will it continue here on Raw? Will she meet the monster among women Nia Jax? And potentially lose.

When Smackdown attacked Raw, it brought tears to my eyes when Chad Gable ran up to Jason Jordan and attacked him!

The new tag team the “The Bludgan Brothers”, will they appear on Smackdown live this week? I think they will because it’s Halloween and they are trying to be a scary type team!

I think that WWE should have had the Club interfere between the AJ vs. Balor match at TLC and helped Balor win. Then the next day, AJ is on Miz TV and talks but then the Club comes and says WE ARE THROUGH WITH YOU! Then Balor comes and attacks AJ from the back then says they are MY club now. I would think that would be awesome because later on, it would be Shield (without Roman) and AJ against the The Club & Balor and during the match Roman comes out, helps the Shield and then they triple powerbomb AJ! Well I guess it would be hard for that to happen with AJ being on Smackdown!

Recently Kurt Angle returned to the ring for another match and got injured but then came back out. Shane McMahon also wrestles on Smackdown and Shane and Kurt aren’t getting along so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are in the 5-on-5 match at Survivor Series or alone in a singles match!

The last thing I am going to tell you guys is that for Halloween, I am dressing up as the ULTIMATE WARRIOR! No one in my class will probably even know who he is!

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As we continue to celebrate our site’s 20-year anniversary, I wanted to give a quick shoutout to the folks who have posted religiously at the Rajah Forums for pretty much the last two decades. It is an amazing community of people who talk about everything from wrestling to sports to life and along the way, there’s drama and storylines that would probably make WWE jealous.

We’re always looking to make that community even more active than it already is so if you’re interested in talking about the topics above or anything else, definitely consider signing up. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving away a t-shirt, video game, DVD or something else to a lucky new member who ends up actively participating in some of the discussions. Sign up here if you want a chance to win!

Sometime in November, I’ll be back with some thoughts on the site’s 20 years, some highlights and some lowlights. If there are any topics you would like me to write about, or any old features from year’s past that you would like to see back, any site related questions you may have, drop me a line here. Out of the responses received, I’ll pick one person for another prize giveaway.

Thanks for all your support now and over the years!

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